Hurricane Vapor – The Review

Hurricane Vapor – The Review

Launching in early 2013, out of a city best known for its sandy beaches, oceanfront hotels, beautiful girls in tiny bikini’s, and a lifestyle of fun in the sun, Hurricane Vapor is about to unleash a storm of new eLiquid of such incredible flavor and complexity that you are going to want to make sure you are in the path of this Cat 5 phenomenon when it comes barreling out of Miami and making a beeline to your favorite eJuice retailer or your very own mailbox. A storm is brewing, and it’s going to be huge.

A Spinfuel eLiquid Review

Head Writer: Tom McBride – with Julia Barnes, Jason Little, Keira, and Lisa Johnston.


A day or so after I wrote the opening paragraph it occurred to me that it sounded more like a promotional marketing piece, better suited as an editorial instead of a tough-but-honest review people have come to expect from Spinfuel. I don’t know if I even believed what I wrote then, but by the time I had completed my ‘experience’ with Hurricane Vapor’s selection of juices I had become a believer.

But getting there took awhile. I knew that most of the flavors I was vaping were something special, something rare, something that could very well become the eLiquid of choice for millions of vapers looking for robust, flavorful eJuice that hasn’t been ‘dumbed-down’ in order satisfy the greatest number of people, the lowest common denominator. At the same time there were a couple of flavors that maybe weren’t so special. They were good, sure, but that level of magnificence that the others had was absent. So, there were times when I couldn’t believe what I was vaping and then there were times I couldn’t believe what I was vaping. If you know what I mean. I was beginning to understand what Julia must go through as the head writer of one of these reviews. Real truth is a balancing act.

A Vaper’s eLiquid

I tend to think that in order to fully appreciate the eLiquids from Hurricane Vapor you must enjoy the vaping experience more than the ‘smoking’ experience. In other words, while someone just coming off analogs would definitely love Hurricane Vapor eJuice some of the nuances or complexities of a flavor like Toasted Amber Tobacco might be lost on someone who has not yet developed a taste for fine eLiquids.

A cigarette is just that, a cigarette, but Vapers know that vaping eLiquid is a deeper, more satisfying experience. It seems to me that Hurricane Vapor is not trying to replicate the flavor of the cigarette but is instead aiming to deliver amazing flavors in the form of deep, thick clouds of vapor. If you’re the type of Vaper that wants the flavor and experience of Marlboro or Winston, or even Kools, Hurricane Vapor isn’t your eJuice, yet. On the other hand, if you’re the type of Vaper that wants a powerful and satisfying vape with layers of mysterious tastes and textures Hurricane Vapor may just become your favorite eLiquid provider.

In The Beginning

Hurricane Vapor is in actuality two (2) uniquely American guys with a uniquely American story. Their personal history and their subsequent pursuit to establish a top-shelf eLiquid to be enjoyed by millions represent the best of real ‘American Values’. Sharing a bit of their history as well as the inspiration behind Hurricane Vapor will, I hope, shed some light on what makes Christian Vargas and his partner Miguel Monterrey, two of the most exciting new faces in the vaping community.

Hurricane Vapor is the brainchild of Christian Vargas, who is President and Founder of the company. He is also the head ‘cook’. Then there is Miguel Monterrey, the Vice President of the company and the gentleman that heads up marketing and sales. I know this might sound awfully “corporate”, but I assure you there is plenty of ‘artistry’ going on as well. Both Christian and Miguel are very serious about where they want to bring Hurricane Vapor and to get there is going to take as much business savvy as it will an artistic talent for creating great eLiquids.

Before the formation of Hurricane Vapor Christian and Miguel were inspired by the electronic eCigarette’s success in getting smokers off tobacco so they created a Facebook page called ‘Vapor Movement’ to raise awareness of the non-tobacco alternatives to help smokers live a healthier lifestyle and in less than 3 months they had more than 5000 “fans”. (So, could someone please tell me why Spinfuel just broke 400 after 5 months??) What was once a Facebook page has since turned into a community for people dedicated to promoting a healthy, safe, and “just plain smarter” alternative to smoking.

With the winds at their back Christian and Miguel decided to create their own line of eLiquids that would represent the melting pot that is Miami, to take that ‘Miami Experience’ and create complex, multi-ethnic gourmet flavors that cannot be found anywhere in world. Once you taste the brilliance that is Hurricane Vapor’s Cuban Coffee you will instantly understand what these two dreamers have done.

American Exceptionalism is alive and kicking in Hurricane Vapor and the two bright young men behind the dream. Soon the ‘clean room’, as well as Hurricane Vapor HQ and their first Vapor Lounge will move into South Beach, the legendary section of Miami. Somehow it seems only natural that South Beach beckons.


Hurricane Vapor got our attention several weeks ago (as well as the attention of others, including our friend and associate Smoken Joey) with their mysterious Internet movie clip and carefully selected advertising (and strategic twitter activity), and we were genuinely intrigued. After some exchanges with the lovely Julia Barnes and the handsome John Manzione, it was decided that Hurricane Vapor would be invited to submit their pre-launch (but finalized) eJuice for a full-fledged Spinfuel eLiquid Review (SeR).

Over the course of the last few weeks Spinfuel has worked closely with Hurricane Vapor on the review and an extensive Interview with both Christian and Miguel.  Still, neither Christian nor Miguel has a single clue as to the content of this review. They were not sent a rough draft, a synopsis of our impressions, or any ‘tell’ of where this review might go. Speaking for myself I think these guys have brass pairs considering that Spinfuel is somewhat notorious for the truth. The confidence is themselves, their company, and their product is yet another sign of their American Exceptionalism. So…. Let’s get started.

The Review

The Head Writer?

No doubt many of you that have been reading our major eLiquid reviews might be somewhat surprised to see that I am the head writer this time out. (Don’t worry; Julia is holding my hand the entire time)

It’s not that it’s my turn at bat or anything like that, it has everything to do with the flavors that make up Hurricane Vapor initial lineup. With names like “Toasted Amber Tobacco”, “Sunshine Cured Tobacco”, and “Cuban Coffee”, who better to lead this review than someone who seeks out these types of flavors? I wanted this one, and I wanted it badly. So here I am.

The Team Comes Together

Hurricane Vapor sent up two (2) 30ML bottles of each of their flavors. That meant that not only could I put together a 5-man/woman team we could extend the vape time to 6 days instead of 72 hours. Other than the “Oh my God, can you believe this one!” type remarks we held back having face to face meetings until those 6 days came and went. When we finally did sit down we couldn’t shut up for hours. Luckily we still had some eLiquid left over to enjoy while we discussed them one by one. The only bad thing to come out of the meeting was the realization that we had to wait until launch time to get more. Such is prerelease testing I suppose.

I asked Julia, Jason, Lisa, and Keira to join my team and they eagerly agreed.

Hardware and Software

Since there was a full complement of team members and 6 days of vaping we had the opportunity to vape Hurricane Vapor juice in more ways than ever before. Here’s the breakdown of the team members and what they used for testing the juice.

Tom (me): ProVape Provari mini – w/MOV XL Tank, 510 cartos by Apollo and Boge. Halo Cigs G6 batteries and cartos. Vapage XL MOD (a gripper).

Julia: Vaporetti batteries and cartridges. Totally Wicked Tornado and CE4, MyVaporStore ZMAX with Texas Tuff Tanks. Johnson Creek Vea.

Jason: MyVaporStore Lambo with SmokTech tanks and 510 cartos. MyVaporStore/Joyetech 510 Ultimate batteries and cartridges, with 510 cartos.

Lisa: Apollo eCigs VTube with new ViVi Nova’s and “Monster Clearo”, Apollo Superior eGo.

Keira: MyVaporStore The Bolt with various 3ML and 6ML tanks from Apollo, Totally Wicked, SmokTech, Vision, Phoenix. Johnson Creek Vea.

The Hurricane Vapor eLiquid Flavors

All bottles from Hurricane Vapor are square shaped, not round. (See photos) eLiquids are available in 15ML and 30ML sizes, with sampler packs that may be offered in smaller sizes.  HV Juice will be available in 0% nicotine to 2.4% nicotine strength. The price is not yet set in stone, but I’m told they will be aggressively competitive.

This list may or may not be the official launch list of eLiquid flavors. If any additional flavors are added to the launch we’ll see if we can’t get ahold of them beforehand and create a new review for those specific flavors

  • Sunshine Cured Tobacco
  • Toasted Amber Tobacco
  • Berry Jello Shots
  • Vice City Ice
  • Miami Lemon Drop
  • Florida Orange Creamsicle
  • Peaches & Irish Cream
  • Cuban Coffee
  • Chocolate Frost Bite
  • Galleta Dulce

As with previous Spinfuel eLiquid Reviews we are using the 1-5 star rating, with 5 stars indicating an amazing, original, and delicious juice that delivers in all major areas; flavor, vapor production, and throat hit. Any juice with a 1 star rating is basically Unvapeable. (A Spinfuel word!).

Because the website is not complete we cannot add the description given by Hurricane Vapor for the flavors they offer. We feel the names of the flavors are descriptive enough anyway so it worked out fine.

Sunshine Cured Tobacco – Tom: Of the two tobacco flavors this one didn’t score as high as the other one did, the Toasted Amber Tobacco. I enjoyed it immensely, but once I vaped the Toasted Amber Tobacco this one slipped a bit in my rating scale. Sunshine Cured is the lighter of the two tobacco liquids and for many it will be their new favorite tobacco eJuice. It would have been mine if not for the Toasted Amber. The vapor is excellent and the throat hit was almost perfect. – 4.5 Stars

Julia: It’s been several weeks since I had vaped a tobacco flavored juice and Sunshine Cured was an utter delight. Sunshine Cured is a nice, medium blend that has a delicious delivery and absolutely no chemical aftertaste. I had a favorite tobacco blend before this and now I’m definitely leaning toward Sunshine Cured Tobacco. Vapor production is excellent. Throat hit was exactly what I want in a vape. – 5 Stars

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About The Author

Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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  1. Rebecca Roberts

    I agree with the reviews on the Cuban Coffee. I tried it and it was pleasantly flavorful but for my personal preferences it was quite strong. It’s not an ordinary expresso it’s a Cuban expresso and definitely worth trying if one likes coffee flavors. They reformulated the recipe and now the sample sizes are available in 6mg (they were previously set at 12mg) so now I’m going to try it again. It may not have hit my palette preferences before because of its strength but that flavor was wonderful.

  2. Rebecca Roberts

    To me, there’s nothing that I can see that needs to be improved upon about the Miami Lemon Drop. It wasn’t long ago that Hurricane Vapor on their Facebook page asked their 7,000 followers about the Lemon Drop, does it need more lemon or does it need more sweet, etc. Nobody had a bad thing to say about it. He was going to tweak the recipe if it needed a fix, but it didn’t!!! 5/5/4.5/4 stars though isn’t bad, just for me it’s a 5 because I love lemons and I loved that vape because it satisfied my lemon craving where other lemon vapes fell short.

  3. Rebecca Roberts

    Galleta Dulce cookie is one of my favorite vapes from Hurricane Vapor. I am pleased to see it rec’d 5 stars all around and a Spinfuel Award for it. It’s a vape that I highly recommend!!!

  4. Rebecca Roberts

    As a new vaper, and one that grew up in CA with fresh fruit fields all around, I wasn’t sure if the “Miami” experience as stated in the article would translate over to me enjoying it in a vape experience. I wasn’t an alcohol drinker so I wasn’t too sure about say the “Miami Lemon Drop” but as now not living in CA I missed those fresh lemon trees! I really did thoroughly enjoy the Miami Lemon Drop vape.

  5. Rebecca Roberts

    I really really liked the Miami Lemon Drop… to me, if someone is going to make a lemon flavored something, it needs to be lemony enough, and it was!! It’s not a weakling, or too strong, it was just right!

  6. Alicia McDaniel

    Peaches and Irish cream sound like something I would be hesitant to buy before tasting, but also sounds like something I feel would be heavenly to vape! I might just have to bit the bullet sometimes and go with my gut instead of always vaping something I’ve tried first. Only live once and if I live that way, I’m going to miss so many amazing juices!

  7. Vapesta

    I am definitely going to try these juices as I have been in the Miami area many many times and have had at least 3 shots of Cuban coffee everyday I was there

  8. Christian Vargas

    Hurricane Vapor’s Chris “The Cook” here. Thank you everyone for your interest. We are hard at work getting ready for the launch. If you guys have any ideas you would like to see, feel free to share. For the dark tobacco lover, guess what, “Simmered Belgium Tobacco” is coming…

    By the way, ever wondered what that distinct flavor note in JC Silverthorn is? You would never have guessed. It’s Oatmeal.


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