G2 Vapor – The Sequel Review

Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – G2 Vapor eLiquid Review

Our team first reviewed G2 Vapor back in the early spring. It was published on April 7th of this year (2014), along with the interview for G2 Vapor. Today we bring the long awaited sequel… six more flavors that complete the current lineup, except for one newly released flavor we didn’t get a chance to review. The new flavor is called ‘Dr. Green’.

G2 Vapor is a formidable eJuice company in several ways. All the flavors deliver on flavor and vapor. The G2 Prime lineup, consisting of Vazilla, Drunk Monkey, and Gilligan’s Island are in heavy rotation for several staffers here at Spinfuel eMagazine.

In our first review there wasn’t a single blend that didn’t earn at least 4 Stars. That review came in at more than 8000 words, one of the longest reviews we’ve written. The sequel review, while scoring in the same range, is going to be a good deal shorter, so you shouldn’t have to divide it into chapters that you tackle like a book. You should be able to get through the entire review in one sitting. J

The six additional flavors we review today are; G2 Original, the first eLiquid created by G2 Vapor, Cactus Juice, Shocker, DeShock, El Blacco, and the third G2 Prime blend, Gilligan’s Island.

Did they hold up to G2 Vapor standards set in the first review? Are there any Spinfuel Choice Award Winners among these six? We’ll soon find out.

G2 Vapor Particulars

The original review, linked here laid out all the particulars about G2 Vapor, including the information available on the G2 Vapor labels, sizes available, and pricing. We urge you to take a look at that review for information you may not find in this sequel.

These six flavors arrived more than a month ago, and have been sitting in a dark, cool storeroom until we were able to spend 72-hours of uninterrupted vaping. It’s fair to say that the six flavors fully matured while awaiting this review.

Important Points To Consider

Ordering – Customers cannot visit the G2 website to order eLiquids. G2 Vapor distributes their products to retail vendors, a list of which is shown here: WHERE TO BUY

While we still believe that G2 Vapor could expand their presence in the vape community by selling directly online, it is just our opinion and however they choose to market their product is completely up to them and has no affect on this review. As long as the authorized vendors are kept well stocked with we find no fault with the way they choose to sell their juice.

Unfortunately however, being well stocked is more the exception and not the rule with nearly every vendor and retail shop listed on G2 Vapor’s “Where to Purchase” page.

One Standout Retailer

A vendor, with an online store and a physical vape shop worth mentioning here is Vintage Vapours, a shop in California. Their website shows several photos of the inside of the shop and it is damned impressive. They seem to have a large inventory of products, including several eLiquid brands, and it’s the first time we’ve seen an “auto-ship” program actually worth talking about in a good way.

For instance: while Vintage Vapour carries just four flavors from G2 Vapor they offer many other hard-to-find eliquid boutique lines. G2 Prime Vaziila as listed on Vintage Vapour we can see the price is the usual selling price of $12.95 for a 15ML glass bottle. (Vintage Vapours seems to carry only 15ML bottles of G2 Vapor) while G2 Vapor offers 15ML, 30ML, 60ML and 120ML bottles for each flavor of eliquid.

Subscribe And Save – Should you decide to “subscribe” to that flavor you can set up a schedule anywhere from one a week to every 8 weeks. Subscribing to the flavor will save you 20% off the price the juice, and you’ll receive free shipping as well. This is an option each one of us here would definitely take advantage of, and we are pretty much against any type of auto-ship programs, but in this case it looks to be an excellent option.

Our only concern about the subscription model would be ‘what happens if Vintage Vapour cannot fulfill the order on time?’ Do they substitute another flavor or do they notify you that it’s not in stock? We’re not sure.

Still, a subscription model like this could be a fantastic way to save a few bucks and not have to worry (much) if your local shop or online vendors will have what you want in stock the next time you wanted to order it.

We were so impressed with this type of program we think something like this should be considered by individual brands. With no contract, no minimum order, or other ‘catches’ we would love the opportunity to set up an auto ship with many of the eliquids we vape all the time.

The Team

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team is, as usual, made up of Julia (me), Tom, Keira, and Jason. We use our own personal vape gear and we try to use as many different clearomizers, tanks, and glassomizers as feasibly possible. We vaped these six eLiquids exclusively, for 72 hours, at which time we meet to discuss what we had experienced while vaping them. A lead writer, Tom or myself, assembles all the notes from the team members and builds a narrative for our audience (you). No one on the team ever knows which eLiquid, if any, will earn a Choice Award until the review is complete and all the scores were tallied up.

Scoring 1-5 Stars – What They Mean

Using our standard 1-5 Star system, we score each of the eliquids we review. The score is based on the following:

  1. A score of 1 star means that no matter what we did to improve things this eLiquid was just unvapeable. Lousy flavor, little vapor, no throat hit, and a general waste of time and money.
  2. A 2-Star score means that while we can vape it, we’d rather not. The problems can range from a lousy aftertaste to an artificial or soapy flavor. After spending a certain amount of time with it we just think it’s not a very good eliquid.
  3. A 3-Star score means the juice is nothing more than ‘average’. The flavor, vapor, throat hit were nothing special. There is very little complexity at play; it’s a one-trick pony. A take it or leave attitude about the juice is unavoidable. Not that we think it’s a bad eliquid we just find it mediocre. Not terrible, not special, just ‘meh’.
  4. A 4-Star flavor is an above average juice, but not an award winning one. A pleasant vape for a pleasant time. Could become a part of our rotation, and it would certainly qualify to be found in our eliquid collection.
  5. A 5-Star eliquid is an excellent ejuice with superb flavor fidelity, lots of thick and flavorful vapor. It can have a good ‘throat hit, although the quality of a throat hit plays very little importance in determining an award winning juice. A 5-Star eliquid would be welcome in our rotation and it would certainly be a part of our collection of ejuice.

Quarter Points – Using the whole number, 1 through 5, we can and often do use quarter-star increases to narrow in our score. A 4 Star eliquid is a good eliquid, and while we wouldn’t go so far as to say it was an award winning eliquid, we could bump that 4 stars to 4.25, 4.50, or 4.75 based on certain criteria. You will often see eliquids scored this way.

And Now The G2 Vapor Flavors

G2 ORIGINAL G2 Original

The very first liquid ever created by the G2 mixologists. Late one night in an attempt to re-create an enjoyable anise liquid, the wrong flavoring was added and the rest is history. Multiple apples are blended together with the distinct taste of a forbidden absinthe drink. So many hidden gems are in this vape and though many have tried, none to date have identified them all. “

JULIA: Had G2 Vapor’s founders shared this eliquid with me before they launched, and told me they decided to do a startup eliquid business based on this ejuice I would have thought them crazy. I wouldn’t have believed an eliquid containing a moderate amount of anise could serve as the cornerstone of juice brand. But I would have been wrong. This is a really good eliquid.

G2 Original has certain qualities that I didn’t expect to see in an ejuice that contains anise. First, a mix of some deep apple flavors, including the tart characteristics of green, or granny smith apples, and the sweetness of a red delicious apple, surrounded by a modest amount of anise. Apple and anise are great together.

This unique juice produces a ton of flavorful vapor, and offers the best throat hit of the six flavors we’re reviewing today. I’ve never found an anise-infused eliquid that I could vape all day, and G2 Original is no different. Some of the most delicious eliquids I’ve vaped are just not all-day-vape material. But it comes closer than any other anise-based juice has. There is a real balancing act at work here, and instead of being hammered by one particular flavor G2 Original blends them in a way that to experience one flavor is to experience them all at the same time.

If you enjoy the uniqueness of anise in a vape, and apple flavors from tart to sweet, I think G2 Original can be your next big ejuice. 4.75 Stars.

TOM: I agree that G2 Original was a bold move for G2 Vapor. I don’t believe that anise, or licorice, has mass appeal, so by being the first juice by G2 Vapor had to mean that they were especially confident in this flavor, with good reason.

I really enjoyed this apple-anise combo. The vapor is thick, flavorful, and abundant. G2 Original is fun to vape, and the tart and sweet apple flavors are a very satisfying mix. I would definitely recommend G2 Original to any vaper looking for something different, but tend to enjoy both apple and/or anise flavors. 4.75 Stars

KEIRA: Two of the six eliquids in this review contain anise, yet both are very different from each other. G2 Original is a marvelous apple + anise combination with a good throat hit and the potential to be a great cloud chasing flavor if used with the right hardware. Jason was able to produce huge clouds of vapor with this one using his eVic Supreme and one of his RBA’s (can’t remember which one it was) so if you want to chase clouds G2 Original makes a great ammunition for the eCigarette weapon of your choice

While the presence of anise can’t be missed, the strongest flavors to me are that of green and red apple. G2 Original is a great combination that delivers a satisfying vape. A must try for vapers who can appreciate the light touch of anise. 4.75 Stars

JASON: While all six of the eliquids reviewed for the G2 Sequel have varying degrees of vapor production, they are all pretty damn good. G2 Original just so happens to have to largest vapor production of the six.

It’s also the one with the most flexibility. I was able to move up and down the voltage range and it still held together well. The higher the voltage the warmer the vapor, naturally, but the flavor didn’t change. So for me I was able to push it higher than usual to produce huge clouds of vapor yet not burn the taste or alter it. That was a great experience.