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Fuzion Vapor Review

When it comes to smoke juice I stick with American made juice. Juice made in China just worry me. I knew some people that lost their pets in the great pet food poisoning debacle a few years back. We’ve all heard about the lead in children’s paint a couple years ago. Let’s face it; a lot of Chinese businessmen just take too many shortcuts to profit in their manufacturing process. Like I said, I’m not comfortable with that.

So when I moved from eCigarettes full time to part time, supplementing my eCigs with a TGo from Apollo eCigs I insisted on an American made smoke juice. Up until recently that was Johnson Creek, and only Johnson Creek. (Hell, the name even sounds safe, doesn’t it?) And my eCig brand? American made smoke juice all the way. (Ed Note* that would be blu Cigs)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying out new juices made right here in the US. There are several, what I like to call, “Private Label” Juice Houses in the US, and some of them are excellent. Today I unveil the first, and so far the best, private label smoke juice maker that has been good enough to talk about; FuZion Vapor.

FuZion Vapor is a new company, very new. Its owner Shane Johnson (NOT of Johnson Creek) is passionate about smoke juice. His story is like many of our own stories. But, instead of settling on smoke juice that always left him wanting, Shane decided to make the best juice in the world. And he just might have done so.

Before I hand over the floor to Shane himself, I want to tell you about my experience with his juices. Maybe you’ll recognize something in what I tell you, and maybe FuZion Vapor will be your solution as well.

During the months that I was taste-testing dozens of eCig brands it felt like I had run the gamut from the good, the bad, and the “I’ve been poisoned”. A couple of brands were amazing, blu Cigs, South Beach Smoke, and Green Smoke to name three, and some were dangerously close to making me go back to analog smokes, namely NJOY and “eCig Brand”.

Some tasted bland, some like cardboard, and some just tasted old and musty. I settled on blu Cigs, and it was a tough decision, but because blu Cigs uses nothing but Johnson Creek smoke juice, and it honestly has the best tasting flavors.

I consider Johnson Creek to be the Gold Standard of large-scale smoke juice companies. While I enjoyed SBS and GS, and really liked their hardware, the fact that they could not tell me that their smoke juice was 100% American made, I could not commit to them. (Ed Note* Apollo eCigs also using 100% American Made Smoke Juice)

When I moved to the fabulous products made by Apollo, the TGo in particular (and their amazing VTube later on) I moved to filling my own cartomizers and cartridges with smoke juice that came in bottles. Our dear friend and major contributor Wendy Bivona, (owner and operator of Premium eCigs in Melbourne FL) sells Johnson Creek smoke juice,so I buy my juice directly from her. With the JC juice from Wendy and my hardware from Apollo and Wendy, I was all set.


Upon setting out to see what other American smoke juice I could find I happened across Shane’s FuZion Vapor. He has a very clean, very easy to navigate website at FuZionvapor.com and his juices all have cool names and cool descriptions. That is what drew me in. Good marketing, good graphics, high ideals. But, in the end, the proof is in the juice. Did FuZion Vapor have what it takes? I would soon find out.

I obtained a few 6ml bottles of flavors I thought would be nice to try. I’ll go over them in a minute. They arrived 2 days later. Setting up a few empty cartridges with the various flavors I set out to see if the juices were as good as Shane’s marketing.

Blown Away

What I “like” about Johnson Creek I LOVE about FuZion Vapor. Shane’s hand-made (yes, hand-made) juices have an awesome texture, rich flavors, and produce vapor amazingly rich and flavorful.

These are the flavors I have vaped to date.

Vacation: What drew me to Vacation was Shane’s description;

Light tropical fruits with a subtle hint of coconut and an ocean breeze of light peppermint make this ejuice a relaxing change from your typical vape.”


Sounds awesome doesn’t? Now, the flavor I was trying to substitute for blu Cigs new Pina Colada. Man, I love this flavor. I can’t begin to tell you how many cartomizers of this stuff I’ve gone through. So for me, Vacation had to be a juice I could use when I wanted this non-tobacco flavor.

From my first puff to my most recent, Vacation has been a real delight. It was described perfectly. Tropical fruits, a bit of coconut, and a wisp of peppermint, this is truly a worthy vacation for any vaper-er. (i.e., a person who vapes)

So good in fact, I ordered a 30ML bottle, which will arrive today.

Next up is Dragon’s Breath: FuZion Vapor says;

light, fruit vape blends classic dragon fruit with naturally sweet flavors that is complex from the initial draw.  It has a warm comforting taste, but enough fruit flavor to keep it interesting.”

Again, spot on in their description. I love this! When FuZion states that it has a warm comforting taste they hit the nail on the head. If I were back home in New Hampshire, in the dead of winter, this is one I’d vape during the times I needed a little warmth, but still dreamed of being back in Florida.

Then there is the “Dean”

This FuZion blend has a lightly sweet (yet full) tobacco flavor with a very smooth menthol draw.  There is some complexity here, with a slight nutty and woodsy exhale.”

After vaping this flavor for the past 2 days all I can say is, I can’t say it any better than FuZion can. This is simply amazing. Such rich, tasty vapor! Thick and flavorful. You can definitely taste the sweetness, yet the tobacco comes through as well. It is complex to be sure, but oh so good!

Lastly, I tried The Griffin:

“This hybrid ejuice gives off a spicy, fruity draw, but a slightly nutty, candy exhale… but with a few surprises along the way.This ejuice is a perfect evening vape, and I have the extracts to prove it…”

Again, FuZion Vapor is right on the money with this one. This might be my favorite one, but I have other flavors to try first before I declare a favorite FuZion Vapor juice.

I certainly didn’t expect to like every flavor I ordered but it did turn out that way. Call it an unexpected pleasure.

Gourmet Smoke Juice

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