Are You Ashamed of Vaping?

Are You Ashamed of Vaping?

ashamed of vaping?This is a serious question;

Are you ashamed to be a Vaper? Think about your answer for a minute before you respond. After you’ve thought about it, after you’ve finished reading this, I would love it if you could post your answer below in the comments. Vaping is nothing to be ashamed of. Far from it.

You see, for many Vapers switching to electronic cigarettes comes at a pretty late stage of a person’s smoking habit. I would venture to say, by anecdotal evidence only, that Vapers are, for the most part, past the age of 35. Many have worried about the damage smoking was causing them and rather than stopping altogether, for whatever reason, they instead began “smoking” electronic cigs instead of quitting nicotine. But why am I telling you this? You may be one of them.

As someone who is older than I care to admit, I remember the times before smokers were considered low class, uneducated, blue collar, and inconsiderate slobs that they are considered to be today. I remember the days when even the best people smoked on TV shows, in movies, in restaurants or planes…everywhere. You weren’t judged for smoking, it was just something you did. Along with millions of others.

Never mind that these horrible descriptions above are erroneous, they are indeed the names used to describe people who enjoy tobacco cigarettes, cigars, and even pipes (though pipe smokers are more often described as academics). These slurs are unfair, insulting, and wrong, but there they are. And what about you? Do you, as a Vaper, see a smoker and often think these very same things? Do you see someone smoking a cigarette and utter under your breath “loser”?

When you smoked, whether you knew it or not, people said these things about you, and if you smoked in public these things were said about you many times a day. I know this to be true because I quit cigarettes in 1992 and started vaping in 2011. All my friends were non-smokers; most of them were people that never picked up the habit. And they could be vicious when they walked by someone smoking. My wife smoked though, she smoked right up until March 2010, and so for me it was never about calling people names. As an ex-smoker living with a smoker how could I muster up such nastiness against my own kind? But others? Those that never smoked, we were second-class citizens for sure.


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  1. rodney

    I could care less what anybody says or thinks! If they don’t like the smoke or the vapor then can just keep on walking. I’m that asshole that blows smoke your way cause you made a stupid comment or do your fake ass coughing! rude, ignorant, call me what you like! because I really dont give a flying fuck about you. well…….Not unless you asked nicely and respectfully! then i would move. other than that “who really gives a shit”!!

  2. Ed Morgan

    I am far from embarassed by vaping and was never embarassed to smoke. I have enjoyed both and decided to take up vaping to make life easier for my wife, who is a non-smoker. She hated the smell of smoke and when I saw a commercial for Blu, I thought this might be an answer for me. I moved on to larger mods and tanks and enjoy it so very much. I get a lot of people asking what I’m doing and I happily tell them. I plan to vape forever and hope the fears and actions of the anti-smokers don’t take this away from me.

  3. PeteC

    Like many, I took to vaping to get away from analogs. I think the combination of being 59, and recent to vaping combine to make me slow to change my vaping ways far from my former smoking ways. While I am absolutely not ashamed of vaping, any more than I was smoking, I still tend to adhere to “conventions” of when & where I vape. That is slowly changing, but at least for me, it takes time to be comfortable in situations that had I been smoking, there would be censure. Even though I fully accept that they are NOT interchangeable activities…it still does feel that way!

    I do understand that many folks still simply do not understand vaping, and I don’t think that I’ll ever go out of my way to make people uncomfortable and say “too bad”. My friends, and even my 83 year old mom get it, which is great, but I am not out to “convert” the world, anymore than I would demonize cigarette smokers. Just not “how I roll”…

  4. Neutromiser

    I started vaping to replace cigarettes, so I treat it exactly the same as I would cigarettes. Same schedule, same attitude to respecting no-smoking areas, and I would only do it indoors after asking the host. I certainly wouldn’t do it in the dentist’s waiting room or while walking around the supermarket. I understand that vaping is far healthier and less offensive than smoking but I don’t buy the argument that it is a healthy activity in its own regard and to be promoted to anyone other than smokers. The arguments offered above smack of justifications issued by the threatened egos of nicotine addicts keen to deny any degree of criticism that threatens their habit.

    So, in response to the original question: no, I’m not ashamed of vaping but I’m not proud of it either.

  5. Michael J. McFadden

    Unfortunately, many of the same Antismokers who created the intolerance and hatred toward smokers are intent upon doing the same for Vapers. It’s a bit harder for them because they can’t key off the scent issue as an excuse, but they’re using the same sort of language/lies about “secondhand vaping” that they used so effectively against smoking.

    If you like vaping and want to defend it, you’re going to have to learn how to fight the lies and techniques used by the antismoking extremists. Read “The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans” for a start, just to get a feel for the tricks that they’ve used. And then get active, not just with vaping groups, but with the wider community of Free Choice and anti-prohibition groups out there. See: and feel free to print it out and share it.

    I forget just which board it was on, but earlier today I was examining the claims about formaldehyde in secondhand vapor. Using the same techniques as for tobacco smoke, and making the fairly reasonable assumption that the level difference in “secondhand vapors” is about a thousand to one ratio (it has to be at least that small since they can’t even MEASURE it in room air!) then the concentration is roughly 87 million times weaker than in the baby shampoo that the government has assured us is perfectly safe to rub all over our children at bath time. Seriously. It would be about .000007 ppm vs 610 ppm.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

  6. Bliss Doubt

    I’m late to this, because I just discovered Spinfuel, which I’m enjoying very much. I am proud to be a vaper. I haven’t had a cigarette since the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. I do look forward to more stylish and reliable vaping devices in the future. Right now the most reliable things, like batteries that hold a charge for a while, clearomizers that don’t leak, are a bit clunky or dowdy looking, but new products are coming out all the time. I love the juices. Forget about saving money over smoking, at least for now. The temptation to try new flavors has been constant. At least I’m arriving at the point where my reorders are large bottles, and I’ve thrown out the samples I didn’t like, rather than endlessly trying to amend and blend, and then not knowing where I started. I see vaping as a healthy social habit. I believe in the benefits of nicotine to the brain and nervous system when it doesn’t come with carbon monoxide, a zillion mystery additives, and burning paper. My office mates are always commenting about how wonderful it smells around my desk, especially when I’ve been vaping clove or cinnabun.

    I just wish I had a brief answer for those who think nicotine is the same demon as tobacco, when they ask me “if you’re still taking in nicotine, how is it any better than smoking?”

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      I love your comment! Thank you for posting it. “I see Vaping as a healthy social habit.” Just perfect! – Julia

    2. Tahlis

      “Because cigarette smoke is laden with poisonous chemicals, and nicotine-laced vapor isn’t”—that’s what I say to people who ask me the same question. If they persist, I challenge them to show me the studies proving that recreational nicotine use is more harmful than recreational caffeine use; no one’s ever been able to do that. More than that, most of my questioners take so much caffeine in a day that they’re edgy with it and desperate without it, so “everything in moderation,” which is my motto when it comes to vaping, cannot apply to them. When I point that out to them, they usually leave me be.

  7. kory moody

    i would like to point out that some “natural flavors” can produce odour that is unpleasant for some people. i was a smoker and recently switched to using a blu and i love it, its great. also, it makes me feel great, however, a few months ago when i was still smoking analog a friend had gotten himself a blu and some non-nicotine cartridges, i thoroughly enjoyed all but one flavor , the “pina coloda” . we were at work in the kitchen and he came in vaping, blowing the vapour in my face as he passed me, no doubt thinking i would enjoy the aroma. news flash! i gagged, and was sent coughing outside, i asked him politely not to use that particular flavour inside or around me because i was bothered by it. he then proceded to become upset and present most of the arguments given above. i love blu and MOST flavors but, some people can be bothered by some flavors, so its best i think, to keep the vapor away from others , it seems respectful to me. i don’t feel ashamed, i just use a ten foot rule. :) thanks for reading.

  8. vapedcrusader

    Yes Jeff, I know what you mean – a nice, honest comment. It’s a tricky one. However, I can think of very few occasions in my life when I have done anything at all that made me feel genuine shame – I wasn’t even ashamed of being a smoker – in fact, the only things I am really ashamed about are far too personal (and shameful) to detail here or in any other public place :)

    Nevertheless, it is fair to say (perhaps of all of us – hence this post..) that I am aware of my habit and I always ask others if they mind me doing it. No-one yet has said that they do.

    One thing I do get a bit irritated about is comments like the one in this post (which is otherwise excellent) that you ‘graduate’ from lookie-likies to tanks and egos etc. It’s as if you have no cred as a vaper unless you carry a battery around on your back and a tank of liquid strapped to your chest…or vape at a million volts, and a zillion mg… or consume a pint of liquid a day…As a reviewer of e-cigs, I have tried many different devices and liquids (I have), but always revert to a simple 510 (or 808) 280 mah bat and a vanilla 16 mg cartomiser. I happen to prefer having something light which I can hold in my mouth while I drive or type, and I cannot understand why people want to press buttons, use pass-throughs, or have an ecig that weighs a ton.

    If we could stop this in-house elitism that would be just dandy. We are all on the same side after all, and it is, I think, an incontrovertible truth that many smokers start with disposables and lookie likies. Equally incontrovertible I think, is that many never try anything else. Finally, I imagine that some do, and go back to looky likies, like me.

    There is room for all opinions. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

  9. AMSchl

    There is NO WAY I’m ashamed to be a vaper. I’ve vaped everywhere from the emergency room to the theater. I have encountered zealots who felt it was their duty to inform me that “they were pretty sure there was no smoking allowed” to many who simply want to know more about it. Most people respond well to education about vaping. It’s those hit and run people that make a rude comment and then run that are simply too ignorant about a new activity to ever really change their mind.

    After smoking for 40 years, vaping is my own personal miracle and I’m very happy to share it with any and all who are interested. I’ve educated members of my extended family who smoked and strangers as well. I’ve spoken at length in the middle of the grocery store to those who ask me about it and handed out cards from my favorite vape shops to help them get started.

    Only once was I asked to stop vaping in a business, and that was only because one of the employees had allergies and said it was making his nose itch. I graciously complied. It helps to represent yourself as a vaper who IS considerate of other’s ‘space’. Those people that give you a look of disapproval are ripe to be educated. Before they walk away I usually say, “It’s not smoke, it’s vapor, no reason for concern.” The other day a young man walking up fast behind me in the grocery store breezed by and said “I don’t know what you are smoking…. but it smells DIVINE!” (it was banana nut bread).

    The only time I found myself the least bit defensive was at a WalMart. I was happily walking along when I women at the far end of the isle told me there was no smoking allowed in the store.(duh) I pleasantly told her I wasn’t smoking, I was vaping, and there was no tobacco nor burning of anything involved. She retorted sharply, “Well, it STINKS!”… to which I smiled and said… “from this distance you couldn’t smell anything if you wanted to, so… are you sure it’s not just your bad breath backing up on you??” hahaha… ah, it’s good to be a senior citizen!

  10. Pit Vaper

    Absolutely NOT ashamed to be a vaper, been vaping since July 2011, I vape everywhere I go and have not been confronted in a negative manner…yet.

    I do get some weired looks now and then and some inquisitive questioning at times but that’s about it.

    I find that my wife is more embarassed about me vaping in certain places even when no one else seems to care, she has never smoked, and I still don’t know why she married a smoker like me, must have been my big……….heart.

    Anyway I don’t mind educating curious smokers and non-smokers about vaping, I feel like I have a new lease on life and want to spread it around.

  11. jdrewry

    My question: where do all of these people that want to shame vapers live? I have yet to meet one. Also, I’m at that age in life where I don;t relly care what people may think of my vaping. Not being rude, crude, or nasty, but that’s just the way it is. People may comment on my vaping–fine, no problem. And I definintely get a lot of curious people; no problem there, either. But I have never had someone step up to me and say anything negative.

    Then again, it’ not that I would bother to listen to them

  12. MPage

    I am also proud to be vaping. I generally do not have chances to vape in public places, but it does not matter- I will if the opportunity comes up. I love the freedom from over 46 years of the nasties and I do all I can to encourage smokers to make the switch- to me its my $$ well spent to help others. I originally hoped to taper off all of this- however, its been too good, lol.

  13. Guster

    Nope, not ashamed. In fact, when asked about my Provari, I proudly proclaim it’s made in America!
    Unless someone in authority tells me to stop, I vape anywhere and everywhere. I will try to educate said authoritative figure and if they are insistent, I just smile and say, “Ok, no problem.” I will then stealth vape.

  14. Jeff Bagley

    I am a relatively new vaper, having only switched from tobacco cigarettes a little over 1 month ago. After 20+ years of smoking, and just dealing with the inconvenience of having to smoke outside or away from all other humans, I find it hard to change that mindset. I am more than happy to exclaim to my friends and family that I’m no longer a smoker and that vaping has made all the difference for me. But I’m not yet to the point where I’ll willingly pull out my PV in a restaurant or other public place and begin using it. So, in a way, I’m still working on deprogramming my own mind about it, I suppose.


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