Are You Ashamed of Vaping?

ashamed of vaping?This is a serious question;

Are you ashamed to be a Vaper? Think about your answer for a minute before you respond. After you’ve thought about it, after you’ve finished reading this, I would love it if you could post your answer below in the comments. Vaping is nothing to be ashamed of. Far from it.

You see, for many Vapers switching to electronic cigarettes comes at a pretty late stage of a person’s smoking habit. I would venture to say, by anecdotal evidence only, that Vapers are, for the most part, past the age of 35. Many have worried about the damage smoking was causing them and rather than stopping altogether, for whatever reason, they instead began “smoking” electronic cigs instead of quitting nicotine. But why am I telling you this? You may be one of them.

As someone who is older than I care to admit, I remember the times before smokers were considered low class, uneducated, blue collar, and inconsiderate slobs that they are considered to be today. I remember the days when even the best people smoked on TV shows, in movies, in restaurants or planes…everywhere. You weren’t judged for smoking, it was just something you did. Along with millions of others.

Never mind that these horrible descriptions above are erroneous, they are indeed the names used to describe people who enjoy tobacco cigarettes, cigars, and even pipes (though pipe smokers are more often described as academics). These slurs are unfair, insulting, and wrong, but there they are. And what about you? Do you, as a Vaper, see a smoker and often think these very same things? Do you see someone smoking a cigarette and utter under your breath “loser”?

When you smoked, whether you knew it or not, people said these things about you, and if you smoked in public these things were said about you many times a day. I know this to be true because I quit cigarettes in 1992 and started vaping in 2011. All my friends were non-smokers; most of them were people that never picked up the habit. And they could be vicious when they walked by someone smoking. My wife smoked though, she smoked right up until March 2010, and so for me it was never about calling people names. As an ex-smoker living with a smoker how could I muster up such nastiness against my own kind? But others? Those that never smoked, we were second-class citizens for sure.