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      Proposed Tax On E-cigarettes Could Help Pay For Heroin Addiction Treatment, NJ Senator Says


      From by Susan K. Livio Money generated by the Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed tax on e-cigarettes should be used to...

      The E-cigarette Rush


      E-cigarette makers are racing to design and buy variations of a technology that has lit a billion-dollar boom. The...

      Diluting The New York Times’ E-liquid Madness With Bristol’s Vapor Chef


      From by Nick Vadala Way back in 1936, Motion Picture Ventures released Reefer Madness, helping in its wake to establish...

      First Review Hurricane Vapor Papaya Milkshake!

      Hurricane Vapor Papaya Milkshake Review by Spinfuel - Spinfuel Choice Award

      Hurricane Vapor Unveils New Flavor – Papaya Milkshake Hurricane Vapor’s Papaya Milkshake has earned the Spinfuel Choice Award! Hurricane...

      5 Key Questions About The Future Of E-Cigarettes


      From DC Cbslocal RICHMOND, Va. — Smokers are increasingly turning to battery-powered electronic cigarettes to get their nicotine fix. They’re about...

      E-cigarette Smokers Are Chasing Clouds


      From azcentral by Laurie Merrill Having one’s head in the clouds has taken on new meaning as a Vapor...

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      The Spinfuel Choice Awards of the Year!

      The Spinfuel Choice Awards of the Year!

      So, what were the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team's favorite eLiquids in 2014? What was their favorite tobacco blend? Best Lime flavor? Best Bakery, or Fruit, or Tropical Fruit? What was their favorite Chai Tea blend? Find out by clicking the link. Is your favorite eliquid of 2014 on the list?

      The Awards